Laminate Benchtops

Laminate style benchtops are a popular choice as a decorative surface, giving good years of service with easy maintenance, and are available in a myriad of colours. We manufacture our benchtops on site, with rolled edge and 10 x 10 radius, timber nosed or square. With square, a choice of thickness, from 33 to 70 mm can provide the desired styling. Polytec 33mm and 38mm Tightform and Laminex Squareform 38 mm benchtop ranges are also available.

The latest modern laminates from Halifax Vogel mimic the look of natures own, with granite like finishes, like the etch type available, the stoney feel of the honed range and slick high gloss ar+ scratch resistant laminates, provide a blend of styles to suit most tastes.

The colour palettes of , Polytec, Laminex and Formica provide the designer with a Laminate colour choice from basic solid colours to patterns and wood grain in a mix of matt , texture, natural, velour ,velvet and gloss finishes.

Our showroom displays include the colour palettes of Polytec, Formica, Halifax Vogel, Laminex, Duropal and WilsonArt.


  Reconstituted Stone Benchtops
  Reconstituted Stone provides exceptional durability, moisture and heat resistance suitable for bench top and splashback applications. Popular brands include CaesarStone, Smartstone and Quantum Quartz. These man made engineered stone type materials come in a more limited colour range than the Laminates ranges on offer.

Granite Benchtops
  Granite is a natural product, which is obtained, in larger blocks from quarries around the world, processed into suitable slabs. Granite has itís own natural character with variations and imperfections and can be very individual, unique pieces to choose from. Granite in some colours may require sealing, as it is a porous surface, or it may stain.  
Stainless Steel Benchtops
  Stainless steel can be utilised to give a commercial style look and blended with other top types. Allows the designer to cater to applications that require a hardwearing, non-porous and heat resistant surface.
Solid Timber Benchtops
` Solid timber tops are available in large range of timber species, construction by a glue lamination technique and feature individual natural colour and grain variations. This natural product can be finished in two-pack polyurethane to provide a high gloss look, or in an oil type product depending on personal taste.   
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