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Hettich Intelligent Kitchens -
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Hettich LeMans
Corner units fully under control

Full, unrestricted access is now no longer a problem in 90° kitchen corner units either.
LeMans makes the impossible possible with a combined turning and swinging movement: after opening the cupboard door, the top or bottom shelf first independently turns to the front and then swings all the way out of the cupboard in an elegant and perfectly controlled sequence of movements.

  MultiTech steel drawer system

The powder-coated steel drawer profiles are available in white or silver. Easy to clean, easy to adapt, easy to enjoy – these are all hallmarks of MultiTech.

InnoTech Drawer System

The Industry’s most versatile drawer systems, with the largest range of drawer accessories on the market. Available with silent system (soft close) and Push to open design (manual and electronic), feature Quadro precise running, ball bearing runners. Innotech are available in a range of finishes, to give the ultimate design potential.


Hettich Pull boy Waste bin system

The Pull Boy bin system utilises a Innotech drawer with a full extension runner to give easy access to your chosen Pull Boy bin combination plus the added benefit of the soft close, Silent system. The Hettich range of waste bin options cover the pull out design plus include Hettich’s Hideaway bins for behind doors.


Cargo IQ plus
versatile, easy access pull-out

Cargo IQ plus is the ideal storage unit for any number of things – from spices to cleaning materials.

It can easily be transformed to accommodate baking sheets.

Cargo IQ plus is also available with a towel holder.

Gliding on Quadro runners with integrated Silent System, the Cargo IQ plus fits seamlessly into the perfect sliding, opening and closing pattern of the whole kitchen. Assembly is toolless, and front-panel adjustment is precise and easy


Pull-Out Pantry Systems

Few options in the kitchen offer as much storage space as a tall cupboard. Even then, the cupboard is often stacked so full it's hard to find space for just one more item. And then comes the problem of finding things when you want them in a hurry.

Cargo Plus pull-out pantries with Silent System have the added advantage of easy access from either side. Who wouldn't dream of being able to retrieve any item so quickly and easily?


Moving Corner

Pots, pans and large cooking utensils take up a lot of space. Intelligent fittings like the combined base unit pull-out and Moving Corner help you to store them efficiently even if space is limited.These systems automatically bring shelves and baskets from deep corners into the right position for easy access as you open the door. Like magic!

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